The season of Autumn is here but on days of 90 degrees here in the Metro-St. Louis area, it’s a bit hard to believe. Our weather people assure us, though, that cooler temps are coming!

I truly enjoy all four seasons as experienced here in the Midwest, but Autumn certainly brings beauty in its colors of bright reds, oranges and yellows on the leaves of its trees. It’s the season of listening to that crisp crunchy sound beneath your feet as the leaves let go from the branches. There are crackling fires, Halloween celebrations, hot chocolate and pumpkin spice lattes to name just a few. Change is definitely in the air! I saw a quote once that I think is so true. Price Pritchett says: “Change always comes bearing gifts.” I think you will see in the articles within this Collaboration newsletter that change is afoot in the WPC congregations. New adventures are happening.

The CDPs from Texas adopted a resolution to put into practice many of the suggestions from the encyclical, Laudato Si’ as did the CDPs from Kentucky as well. The CDPs of Kentucky also have created a new document titled: “Economic Directory” that brings a whole new concept to the sharing of resources and a desire to strengthen unity.

The Associates in the Kinston, Ontario area are planning for their future as a self-sustaining organization in order to carry on the charism and mission of the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul after the Sisters are gone.

Chapters are happening among some of our WPC communities. The Sisters of Providence in Terre Haute are holding their postponed chapter this very month of October. The CDPs of Providence, RI and Allison Park will be holding their respective chapters this summer and preparations are underway.

Anniversaries are being celebrated among the Sisters of Providence in Montreal as they remember the 170 death anniversary of their foundress, Emiliee Gamelin. The Sisters of Providence from Holyoke are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Genesis Retreat and Spirituality Center.

Change creates a level of excitement, builds energy, often gives momentum as some things are let go and others are newly begun. Whether it’s “living your dream” as the article about Carole Riley, CDP relates, or opening your Religious Life Satisfaction Survey to men religious as Clara Kreis, CDP is now doing, or simply being a missionary returning home or being honored for your longtime service as a nurse, Providence is evident in all the changes that are taking place among the WPC congregations.

Change is all around us…in the seasons, in our society, in our universe, in climates; for those who trust in a Provident God however, embracing change can be an exciting adventure. May this Fall season bring you new adventures too!

Read on for much more.

Barbara McMullen, CDP
WPC Executive Director

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