I had an opportunity to present at a Coffee & Contemplation series at the Sisters of the Humility of Mary’s Villa Maria Education and Spirituality Center.  I spoke about how Ash Wednesday reminds us that we need to clean our hearts of that which holds us back from being willing to move forward.  The winter months in northeastern Ohio offer a reminder that it is a natural time for our bodies to slow down and that it is unnatural in some respects to keep a frenetic pace that some of us find ourselves in all year around. From Carrie Newcomer’s song “The Speed of Soul” she sings Come back, come home…You’ve been traveling faster than your soul can go.  This seems a fitting reminder to slow down this Lenten season so our souls can catch up. To be still and even in the face of fear and doubt,  know that a Providential God is with us.   I offer this simple prayer as we pause and enter into a time of breaking open our hearts:  

Let me be still and steadfast so that my soul can know your Love, O God.

May we continue in hope for peace in our world. 

Sr. Mary Stanco, HM

Executive Director , Women of Providence in Collaboration

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