Sr. Alice Gerdeman, CDP is a former board member of the Women of Providence in Collaboration.  She completed her term of leadership and her board service as well this past spring.  Not letting any grass grow under her feet, Sr. Alice decided to volunteer at another CDP congregation’s ministry—La Posada Providencia.   Following is the article they wrote upon her departure and also shared in their weekly newsletter. (edited a bit)


“Staff and guests gathered in November to honor the two-month volunteer service at La Posada Providencia of Sister Alice Gerdeman, CDP who returned home to Cincinnati, Ohio. Sister Alice is a Sister of Divine Providence of Kentucky, who upon completing a term of leadership for her religious community, was looking for a change of pace. She certainly found that at La Posada! (She and her sibling were featured in the October 15 issue of Tuesdays in Texas.)  

As Sister Alice prepared to leave us, she shared with us some of her thoughts regarding our mission and our future. “La Posada’s mission is unique and blessed. This spirit of acceptance of everyone who comes and willingness, especially of the Sisters, to change plans to meet the needs of clients is admirable,” said Sister Alice. “It is the true manifestation of the loving Providence of God to those who come seeking shelter and refuge.”  Sister offered us her prayers of encouragement, hoping that we can continue the “family” spirit that makes La Posada so special. Sister believes it is our special family spirit that is a “wonderful counter” to the negativity associated with our immigration system and some of the associated policies and regulations.

We will miss Sister Alice. She is a true “Jill of all trades” – from driving clients to appointments, weeding and gardening, to helping with fundraising activities, teaching ESL and so much more.

Thank you, Sister Alice!”

Ana Schultz

From some of the photos I saw, it appears that Sr. Alice brought many of her skills to her time there.  Besides what was mentioned in the article above, she also helped with going to the market, and baking with the children.  I bet that brought some happy faces and smiles to the children, too!  I know the Sisters and staff were delighted to have her there.  Running a shelter 24/7 is a demanding job–would be for anyone–and yet these Sisters continue to make providence visible in our world by the love and care they give to the clients who appear at their door.  

Barbara McMullen, CDP



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