Our Divine Providence Sisters and Associates were asked to reflect on how we are experiencing Providence in the Pandemic.  One of our Sisters, Marilyn McMillin, wrote about time and its gift to us in these challenging days.  I wanted to share her reflection with all of you.  

“Julie Andrews had a television show many years ago. At the end of every show she would sing in her lovely voice, “Time Is My Friend.” Some of us have been given the gift of time during this pandemic. We have been blessed with the opportunity to fill our days with experiences and creativity beyond our wildest dreams.  “If only I had the time,” we say so often.  Well, the “if only” came to be and before we know it, we will be back at trying to regain what we know as normal. That would be unfortunate if not impossible. Hopefully, we will have prayed more fervently and frequently. We will have read a book that was gathering dust or mastered a song that we gave up trying a long time ago.  Maybe we learned a few more words in a different language or played a new game. Perhaps we started a garden inside with herbs and spices that we never tried before. If we have made time our friend, we know that there is no normal to which to return.  We will be better people because there is no place to hide from being one world.  Barriers are no longer impenetrable and we have to adapt our minds and hearts. We are called to be Mary and Martha welcoming the travelers who come calling to our hearts. Sometimes the travelers will arrive from somewhere around the world.  Sometimes they will only travel across the dining room table.  For each and every one we are called to welcome Jesus.  Before we run out of time, let us make time our friend once again.”

I think may of us have made time our friend again.  Hopefully you have welcomed it into your life too.  As some states open and others don’t quite yet, we will be moving into uncharted territory.  May we all stay safe and well.

Barbara McMullen, CDP

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