The Women of Providence in Collaboration support the work of LCWR’s office of Social Mission in their endeavors to shed light on various issues of social justice, such as racism, gun violence, climate change, immigration, and Earth Day to name a few.

Members of the Global Concerns Committee want to examine the root causes of racism, our own complicity in it, and its destructive effects.  Beginning with Wednesday, April 3 to May 15 LCWR will post an anti-racism message on their Facebook pages and use their Twitter account also.  Look for these posts and share them with others so that we can all join them in “Standing Against Racism.”

After the brutal attacks on the mosques in New Zealand, that country will ban all military-style semi-automatic weapons, high capacity magazines, and even begin a national buyback program.  Unfortunately the U. S. has been slow in our response to killings by guns.  There is an Assault Weapons Ban bill that was introduced in the House and a similar bill in the Senate for which they are asking our support.  The Women of Providence urge you to contact your members of Congress to tell them to vote in support of each of these bills.

In regard to climate change, there is an Earth Day packet available from the Catholic Climate Covenant which is free to download and use among your communities.  Earth Day this year is April 22, Easter Monday.  We encourage all Women of Providence in Collaboration members to participate in some activity so that all creation remains a vibrant chorus of praise to our Provident God.

And finally, because of the rapid release of migrants happening along the border many agencies are being inundated with people needing help.  These large influxes of people have exceeded the capacity of the agencies to care for them, and so help is being requested.  Perhaps some of our Women of Providence communities will or already have responded to the crisis at the border.  

We are also being asked to express our solidarity with the refugees who seek safety and security for their families by writing or calling our Representatives and Senators.  

Barbara McMullen–WPC Executive Director


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