As many of you know, and contributed to, we did a Survey of Sisters and Associates in our member congregations this year to determine whether we should continue to hold Providence Events.  Many of you completed the survey and gave us very good responses.  These were collated for the annual board meeting and used to guide the board in deliberations about a future Providence Event.

There was a high correlation between the speaker and the meeting with other Providence people as the top two reasons that draw people to the Event.  It seems there is a continued interest in meeting others who share a similar charism and having the opportunity to reflect on how the charism is lived out in daily life.  Providence spirituality was the topic of interest for most people who completed the survey.  People want someone who can integrate Providence spirituality into the issues facing us today.  

Another important aspect was the location and its availability for people to attend.  Being able to drive from several different congregations helps to defray costs.  

The Board followed your suggestions and is planning the next Providence Event for June 12-14, 2020, which is also the 40th anniversary of the Women of Providence in Collaboration!  The goal is to find a speaker who will look at the realities of our day, the chaos in our world, and help us see how Providence responds to these conditions, how we experience Providence and walk in hope.

If you want to read all the results of the survey, WPC Survey 2019 _Responses (2)

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