The Sisters of Divine Providence sponsor La Posada Providencia, in San Benito,Texas.  It is a house for those seeking asylum in our country.  The clients come from many different countries and usually are fleeing from internal country wars, oppression, poverty, gangs, and looking for a better and safer life for themselves and their children. 

When they come to La Posada Providencia (LPP) they are awaiting a hearing on their legally filed case.  So often they come with hardly anything but the clothes on their backs.  The three Sisters who minister there, along with a very dedicated staff, help them to learn English, make sure the children get to school, teach adults about the United States and its ways, and then get them settled safely with relatives already here in the USA and eventually on a path to citizenship.   

During the Christmas break Sister Joni Luna, SP from St. Mary of the Woods, IN visited La Posada.  While there she saw first hand the plight of the refugees and all the ways that La Posada tries to help them.  She created a video that is a wonderful glimpse into the daily workings of the shelter.  I share the link with you so that you can see for yourselves the work that is being done to help those fleeing for their very lives.

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