From the Generalate of the Sisters of Divine Providence in Rhode Island Sister Maria shares how they are dealing with the pandemic there.  

“The unfolding Covid-19 pandemic has affected most, if not all parts, of the World Community.  Certainly, it is present in all parts of the international Congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence.  As the units of our Congregation were affected at different times and made various responses to the threat of the virus, we will be recovering from it also at different times.  As the Congregational leader, I am not responsible for implementing directives of how to deal with the pandemic in the Provinces and Missions; these are issued by the country or states where the Sisters reside.

Regarding the units of our Congregation, the advice given is for each of us to do what is in our power to do.  And for those who have the capacity and opportunity to minister to our brothers and sisters, in accordance with the provisions given us by the authorities in charge, they minister in full fidelity to our charism.  We are grateful for all of these efforts and support them with our prayer and encouragement.  Even if we cannot physically be of direct service, we all have the capacity to pray.  In all that we do, we want to be a sign of hope and trust.

Our unceasing prayer is for all those health workers at all levels for their courageous ministry with respect to testing for the virus and treating those afflicted with it.  We pray for all those suffering from the effects of the virus and we pray for all those who are experiencing isolation and loneliness as a result of being confined in their homes.  Not knowing if, and when, we can carry out the plans made for the good of our Congregation causes anxiety and apprehension, as not only our plans, but our lives are on hold.  

In light of Covid-19, Otto Sharmer, (of theory U fame) shared this, The more the world sinks into chaos, desperation, and confusion, the greater our responsibility to radiate presence, compassion and grounded confidence.  We take this to heart. 

My personal prayer around the pandemic has led me to believe that this may be like the “Great Flood” of the Hebrew Scriptures.  Maybe the pandemic is the “cleansing” event that will truly draw the countries of the world closer together as we respond to each other.  Perhaps this unplanned world event will be the impetus to help us to tryly become a Global Community.  God has not left us to our own devices.  We are in this together and God is in this with us.”

Even as this is posted, we have seen even more turmoil in our country and the world at the senseless death of George Floyd and many other black men.  Our global community is in great need of healing.  May Providence guide us in the steps that need to be taken to heal our wounded world.  

Barbara McMullen, CDP

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