The Sisters of Divine Providence from Allison Park, PA  (former St. Louis province) sponsor a homeless shelter in Bridgeton, MO named Room at the Inn.  It provides homeless women and families temporary shelter in what was the former province’s headquarters.  

This ministry began in 1992 when the Salvation Army approached the Sisters for needed space and the fourth floor of the motherhouse, Mount Providence, was given for use.  Because the Sisters, in their 1990 chapter, had made a corporate commitment to the homeless, it seemed fitting that when Salvation Army no longer was going to continue the ministry, the Sisters became the sponsors of Room at the Inn.

The Sisters, in 1996, moved their provincial offices to the Bridgeton site and dedicated one third of the facility to accommodate the daytime shelter program.  As the needs of the community changed, more space was given to Room at the Inn.  In 2019 the Sisters made the decision to move out of the building in Bridgeton.  Rather than selling the property, the Sisters made the decision to donate the property to Room at the Inn.  

The Room at the Inn Board of Directors decided to establish the Sisters of Divine Providence Legacy Award.  They wanted to remember the selfless acts of compassion and generosity that grounded this ministry and gave it a firm foundation.  By the gift of the building the Sisters hope to give a future to this program and have their legacy and spirit live on in the organization.  

The Board honored the Sisters this past spring at their annual breakfast with the award pictured here.  The inscription reads:  “Igniting the Spirit of Service and Compassion in us all!”  Each year they plan to honor someone who exemplifies that same spirit of compassion and service.

Barbara McMullen, CDP

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