One of the bright spots in this pandemic crisis time has been the recordings of music with people participating via Zoom from all over the country and the world!  Music is a universal language that crosses cultures, ages, and all types of people.  It’s about the emotions it creates, I think, rather than only the words or the melody.  Music often communicates happiness, love, care, even sadness–emotions experienced by all–thus making it a universal language.  

They say that when you listen to music you enjoy, endorphins are released in the brain, so listening to the right song at the right time can be a fantastic healer.  I have read that it has many health benefits as well.  There was one study that even said it could strengthen the heart and improve the recovery time of patients suffering from a heart disease.  

Music also triggers memories.  Just the other day I was listening to a song on the radio that I know was one of my friend, Mary’s, favorite songs.  “As Time Goes By.”  It comes from her favorite movie, “Casablanca.”   It certainly triggered my emotions and made me feel this real sense of connection with her…that she was nearby, and I believe she was and is.  Music seems to hold that rare gift of being able to transport us in time and space.  

In these days of so much political rhetoric that is bullyish, degrading, and at times simply depressing to listen to, I find myself tuning into a favorite music radio station or putting in a CD that will lift my spirits.  Music that speaks of compassion, mercy, love, joy or kindness has the capability of transporting us in time to a place of beauty and peace.  Suddenly you feel a seed of hope growing within you.  When that happens all creation is singing!  Turn that radio dial or pop in that favorite CD!

Barbara McMullen, CDP

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