This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day.  The day we remember all those who have served in the military, who have given their lives for our freedom, and who continue to do even today. 

As we celebrate this day we see our country still in need of restoration and healing, still dealing with the pandemic, although it is much better, and searching for ways to give critical support to families in need.  We know that our new president is working hard to restore the soul of America—and he has said that it takes more than words.  It will take unity.  Not an easy task.

This weekend the Catholic Church also celebrates Trinity Sunday.  Some of our WPC communities also celebrate this feast as Divine Providence Sunday.  If we truly look at the Trinity, what we see is a relationship of three Persons in one Unity.  A relationship that is based on and is Love in all its glory.  That Love calls upon each of us to do our best to live in unity, in harmony, in true relationship as disciples and as women of providence. 

The challenge for our country is also to live in that unity.  Yet we have systemic racism, a climate in crisis, fear and demonization that is tearing us apart.  How can we take the lessons from the Trinity of Unity and put them to work inside us?  It seems we need to work together as Americans, and not be at odds in political parties.  It would seem that respect and dignity could carry us as a nation, and as a global entity, to create possibilities where all people share in that same respect and dignity. 

Last weekend I heard a homily in our motherhouse liturgy in Pittsburgh on the feast of Pentecost.  The priest had some very powerful thoughts in it that struck me profoundly.  One of the thoughts was about power:  do we have power with, power for, or power over?  Certainly in trying to live a trinitarian life we do not want to have power over—but rather, in working to bring about hope, truth and justice we want to have power with others, and for others. 

So on this Memorial holiday, and Trinity Sunday, and Divine Providence Sunday, what kind of disciples will we be?  Will we use power for good so that the promises of this country will be available to all no matter their race, their ethnicity, their faith or their identity?  Isn’t that some of the very freedoms our soldiers are giving their lives for here and in other parts of the globe?

Barbara McMullen, CDP

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