We have recorded our major events and publications starting with the First Providence Symposium in 1980 through the present.

In addition, you can view a larger image of the Timeline of the Formation of Provide Congregations (and download it if you like), by double-clicking on the image below. 

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1980   First Providence Symposium, Great Falls, MT

1982   Second Providence Symposium, St. Mary-of-the-Woods, IN

1984   First Providence Colloquium, Allison Park, PA

1984   Publication: Providence: God’s Face Toward the World

1986   Initial Formation program of WPC, Allison Park, PA

1986   Providence Moment Retreats: Edmonton, Alberta, CN; St. Mary-of-the-Woods, IN; Melbourne, KY; Baltimore, MD; Westfield, MA; and San Antonio, TX

1987    Retreat on Providence by Carroll Stuhlmueller, CP, Barbara Doherty, SP at St.-Mary-of-the-Woods, IN

1988   Providence International Symposium in June, St. Mary-of-the- Woods College, IN

1991   Providence Colloquium II, Mont Marie Conference Center, Holyoke, MA

1992: Sr. Mary Catherine Hunt, CP, first executive director
1992: Sr. Mary Catherine Hunt, CP, first executive director

1991   Publication: On Keeping Providence

1992    First Executive Director, Mary Catherine Hunt, CP

1994    Providence Event: Providence Spirituality: Hope and Healing for the Earth held at three sites: St.-Mary-of-the-Woods, IN, Spokane, WA, and Kingston,
Ontario, CN

1994: First annual gathering of WPC Vocation/Formation/Leadership Group

1994    Annual Meetings of the WPC Vocation/Formation/Leadership personnel begin

1995    Video produced: Providence Unfolding: Linking the Providence Events between 1994-1996

1996    Providence Event: Being Providence in the New Millennium. Offered at four sites: Montreal, CN;

1996   Providence Retreats offered at six sites: San Antonio, TX; Melbourne, KY; Allison Park, PA; Westfield, MA; Spokane, WA; and Edmonton, Alberta, CN

1998   Two week in-depth reflection and prayer on charism of Providence, Edmonton, Alberta, CN

1999   Initial Formation Gathering – one week experience titled: The Play of Providence in our Lives, Genesis Spiritual Life Center, Westfield, MA

2000   Providence Event: Providence Hospitality: Extending the Hearth, June, St. Mary-of-the-Woods, IN

2000   Second Executive Director, Barbara McMullen, CDP

2003   Regional Providence Events: Come and Dance a New Song at Cana: Providence and Discipleship through Mary, June in Spokane, WA; August in Allison Park, PA; and October in Kingston, Ontario, CN

2005: Sunday liturgy at Providence Event
2005: Sunday liturgy at Providence Event

2005    Providence Event: The Cosmos Within the Providence Dance, and WPC 25th Anniversary Celebration, June, St. Mary-of-the-Woods, IN

2007   Third Executive Director, Ann Margaret O’Hara, SP

earthplunge workers
2008: Participants in Providence Earth Plunge work with alpacas

2008   Providence Earth Plunge, June, St. Mary of the Woods, IN

2008   Providence Event:  Providence People Tread Lightly on Earth, June, St. Mary of the Woods, IN

2011   First Associate Leaders Conference:  Kearns Spirituality Center, Allison Park, PA   Theme:  Partners in Providence Spirituality

2011   Vocation/Formation/Leadership Conference: San Antonio, TX  Theme:  Providence and Prophecy:  Bringing Good Things to Light

2012    Providence Event:  Providence: Mystical Window on the World, June, St. Mary of the Woods, IN. (Ron Rolheiser)

2012   Vocation/Formation/Leadership Conference:  St. Mary of the Woods, IN. Theme:  Refounding Religious Life

2012   Fourth Executive Director:  Barbara McMullen, CDP (September 2012-present)

2012   Associate Leaders Conference: St. Mary of the Woods, IN. (one day meeting in conjunction with Providence Event)

Barbara McMullen, CDP,
2012: Barbara McMullen, CDP, named 4th Executive Director

2012   Vocation/Formation/Leadership Conference: Seattle, WA. Theme:  Providence: Prophetic Call for Today and Tomorrow

2013   Associate Leaders Conference, Immaculate Heart Retreat Center, Spokane, WA  Theme:  Know Your Gifts, Develop Leadership

2014   Vocation/Formation/Leadership Conference:  Allison Park, PA  Theme:  Abundance out of Scarcity through the Lens of Providence

2015   Providence Event:  Birthing Providence…The Universe is Pregnant with God, June19-21, 2015, St. Mary-of-the-Woods, IN  (Ilia Delio, OSF)  35th Anniversary Celebration of the Women of Providence in Collaboration. Publication: Book of Remembrance given as memorial gift of anniversary. Publication: Providence Alive in Us: Ever Unfolding Mystery. Publication: Encountering Providence: A Providence Retreat Resource Manual.

2015   Associate Leader Conference, St. Mary-of-the-Woods, IN. Theme: Critical Issues Facing Associates

2015    Initial Formation Gathering:  St. Mary of the Woods, IN. Theme: Birthing Our Providence Story

2016   Vocation/Formation/Leadership Conference:  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Theme: Living Providence in an Intercultural Community and World

2017   Publication: Providence and Compassion: Collection of personal reflections from multiple disciplines. Publication: The Art of Providence: Prayer and Resource Manual

2017   Associate Leaders Conference:  Genesis Retreat Center, Westfield, MA, Theme: Providence Spirituality and the Call to Justice          

2018   Providence Event: Echoing the Providence of Peace in an Intercultural WorldJune 15-17, 2018, Kearns Spirituality and Conference Center, Allison Park, PA. (Megan McKenna and Bishop Tom Gumbleton).  Publication:  Providence and Peace: Connecting and Co-Creating for Justice

2019   Associate Leaders Conference: Holy Family Retreat Center, Melbourne, KY. (Sept. 16-20) Theme: Providence Spirituality and Contemplative Dialogue and Listening

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