The Sisters of Divine Providence from San Antonio, Texas have adopted the Laudato Si Resolution at their General Assembly.  Read here all the ways they hope to impact our environment and create a legacy for the future.

The Sisters of Divine Providence gathered for their annual General Assembly, which serves as an opportunity for the Sisters to engage in community needs, ways of advocation, and adopt resolutions to provide support.

This year, the CDP Sisters gathered to discuss Pope Francis’ second encyclical Laudato Si or Praise Be to You. On June 18, 2015, Pope Francis issued this encyclical encouraging everyone to “take swift and unified global action” against the ecological crisis caused by pollution and climate change, in addition to issues of water and waste.

Sister Linda Gibler, OP, was the keynote speaker. She gave an overview of Laudato Si and emphasized themes of creation, care, and scripture. She helped the Sisters develop an integral ecological lens to review the action items that implement Pope Francis’ encyclical. The Sisters were grateful to Sister Linda for enlightening them before adopting a Congregational resolution.

After deliberation and prayer, the Sisters adopted the 2021 General Assembly resolution of committing to living an environmentally and sustainable lifestyle.

At the corporate level, the CDP will invest in companies that support alternative fuels and take appropriate corporate stances. We will commit to: use eco-friendly utensils during public events; explore the potential of adding solar panels at Our Lady of the Lake Convent Center and research making the Corpus Christi property a solar farm; study implementing electric cars into the congregational fleet; collaborate with the administrations of Providence Catholic School and Our Lady of the Lake University to share ways to lessen global warming; and pray about environmental issues.

In her closing address Sister Pearl Ceasar, CDP, said, “When we make a commitment, we become closer to the future and closer to our early Sisters whom our commitments serve. We summon this legacy to our future — the people who will benefit from the fruits of our work — by dedicating ourselves to Laudato Si. We no longer live for the past. We live for the future. In doing so, we are rooted in it. In this assembly, we have committed ourselves to our community and our future in the actions we will take together.”

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