Lent is upon us once again.  We often think of it as a penitential season.  But perhaps we might consider it a growing season.  Lent is a journey, a process of growth, a time of entering into sacred inner space where we might assess the heights to which we’ve climbed, the risks we’ve taken, the shortcomings we’ve known.  

It is the season where we spend time looking at the value of growth in our lives and the learnings we have gained.  Lent is a good time to listen to the Holy One, open our minds and hearts and enlarge our capacity to receive.  

It often goes beyond words…into silence…where we experience the Beloved’s call to relationship.  I wish you a happy Lent, filled with all good and growing.  May the goodness in you and the goodness within the other person meet!

Sr. Barbara McMullen, CDP

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