The Sisters of Divine Providence held their annual General Assembly June 25-29, 2019.  During this time they had presentations on being the Incarnation of Love in our world today.  One of the topics that was explored was that of the crises we are facing in our country with the new Zero Tolerance policy being implemented.  They drafted and accepted unanimously the following statement:

“We, Sisters of Divine Providence endorse the June 18, 2018 statement of Archbishop Gustabo Garcia-Siller of San Antonio that we are living in a time of crisis.  People are suffering needlessly from the immigration policies and practices of the Trump Administration:  separating migrant children from their parents, unjustly detaining those crossing our borders seeking asylum, and deporting individuals without providing due Constitutional protections.

We believe every person is special and beloved by God.  We believe that every person has the right to live with dignity and safety.  We believe in the sacredness of the family.

We call for the ending of:  all divisive and polarizing rhetoric; all dehumanizing immigration policies and practices; and all forms of violent behavior towards others.

We call for the creation of an environment that: leads to the understanding of the root causes for migration to the U. S.; allows participants to “put a face” on immigrants seeking to enter our country; and facilitates finding creative solutions to immigration issues.

We Sisters of Divine Providence concur with Archbishop Gustavo that we, like Jesus, are called to build “a place of justice and peace, mercy and compassion, harmony and unity, and love of God and neighbor.”  Consistent with our CDP 2017-2023 Direction Statement to “act with courage and collaborate with others to heal what is broken, ” we commit to doing our part.”  


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