As this newsletter comes to you, we are in the season of Fall, where the colors of the leaves are beautiful, striking, refreshing, and even exhilarating! The squirrels are scampering about, and creation becomes a treasure box for us to enjoy its gifts. Every Fall God replenishes the leaves on the trees and gifts us with bright yellows, reds, and oranges. And then they fall to the ground and decompose in order to nourish the earth’s floor for a future time. It seems that Providence is always taking care of this world in quiet ways that we might miss or simply take for granted. Autumn allows us to enjoy all that nature has to offer us, and perhaps to learn some valuable lessons from creation.

Take squirrels for instance. I was sitting on the patio watching them one Saturday. They are good stewards of the earth. They eat bark, plants, insects, roots and seeds which help out the environment. They teach us how to adapt and adjust. Did you know that squirrels are found almost all over the world and in different kinds of climates as well? They teach us to pace ourselves, to live in God’s rhythm. I learned that they normally get up at sunrise, get their food, build their nest, raise their young mostly in daylight times. They take a siesta in the afternoon. Just watching them they seem to be lifelong learners. They can handle life upside down, be flexible in running from limb to limb, have more than one escape route, and build more than one nest as a backup plan! They teach us to enjoy life to its fullest! It was fun watching them play–running up and down trees and jumping from branch to branch; they were enjoying life! Those are just five lessons our squirrel friends might teach us as we once again enter the season of autumn. Find your rhythm—enjoy the beauty of luscious leaves in fall colors—and listen for the whispers of God in creation all around you.

The stories in this issue convey some of the squirrels’ lifelong lessons too. They speak of climate change, saving seeds, planning in chapters, elections and resolutions. Whether we are celebrating 146 years of service, 331 years of jubilarians’ ministries, recalling the 100th anniversary of the right of women to vote, Sisters teaching in Ghana, the legacy of a community to the homeless, or five dedicated women serving at the southern border in San Benito, TX, the Women of Providence are present and active, co-creating a world of justice and peace. There are so many wonderful stories in this issue! Be sure and find some time to “feel the spirit” in the stories as you celebrate the colors of Fall!

Finally, watch for news of our Providence Event, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Women of Providence in Collaboration, June 12-14, 2020 in
Pittsburgh, PA. There will be online registration.This time you will be able to complete your registration online, print it out and mail it with your check to the WPC office. Also, new Advent Prayer Services will be on our website,, for your use again this year. Happy Autumn!


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