This January 6th, we celebrated the feast of Epiphany. There are many aspects in the story of the Magi and their journey to Bethlehem. The story stirs thoughts about light, gifts, manifestations and journeys. We know the story of the Magi from Scripture.

But how much have we pondered different ideas within that Scripture? How are we as followers of the Word? Do we embrace the unknowns of our journey as did the Magi?

Surely following the stars took them to unknown paths. They met people along the way and perhaps, even amidst that long journey, were given further signs. Perhaps in the dark and lonely times of the trip they even came to know themselves better.

Do we trust in the signs of providence all around us? Each of us is on a journey of transformation. How we view or imagine the transitions in our lives being a part of our very transformation has a lot to do with how we proceed to follow Jesus.

One thing the journey always seeks is openness and willingness to change. The journey calls us to expand our hearts, to open new doors, to experience both the brokenness and the beauty in life, and to grow in our welcome of it.

What is the baggage that we must leave behind in order to walk boldly into the future where God is calling us?

When the Magi finally came upon the Christ Child there must have been such a moment of joy, a sense of fulfillment, a connection that was felt so deeply, they trusted in the dream to take them home a different way. A new light of love filled their hearts.

For us, too, the Light dwells within us. May we come to know the transforming power of love as we continue the journey.

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