Sr. Karina Conrad, a CDP from Allison Park, PA ministers in Chicago, IL, primarily to Latina women.  Though this article relates the story of what Sr. Karina was able to do for one woman, her ministry brings hope and healing to many Latina women.

“Sister Karina Conrad was awarded funding from the Catholic Extension’s Sisters on the Frontlines program. Sister Karina, a mental health counselor at the Society of Helpers The Circle/El Circulo Resource Center in the Brighton Park area of Chicago, ministers predominantly to Latina women. These women, many of whom are immigrants and heads of household, have struggled to maintain employment during the COVID-19 pandemic, making it difficult for them to buy food, and to pay rent, utilities and medical bills.

The funds Sister Karina received helped to rescue one woman who was seeking counseling due to being threatened with eviction and facing homelessness. Last year, this woman was diagnosed with COVID-19 and eventually lost her job, further impacting her daily stress and trauma. Sister Karina’s intervention with counseling, education, social opportunities and financial help brought hope and relief to this woman, as she was able to pay her rent and purchase food.

Sister Karina reflected, “As a Sister of Divine Providence…I am reminded of the call to mission we have as women religious to ease the suffering of those most in need and to bring God’s love and care to all.”

In addition to this ministry, Sr. Karina also serves on her community’s Vocation Team and has set up virtual events for both Spanish and English speaking women interested in religious life.  

Barbara McMullen, CDP


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