A very good friend of mine wrote this Christmas reflection and said I could use it for the WPC website greetings to all our followers.  The author is Sr. Carol Stenger, CDP–a member of the Sisters of Divine Providence from Allison Park, PA.   Thank you, Carol, for this beautiful reflection.


Come!  Come in and rest awhile says the small voice within!                       Where have you been my spirit asks me?

Have you taken time today to find Me in your own heart?                             Do you recognize Me in the stranger as you hurry through life?

Did patience spew out of your heart as you waited and waited in traffic with Me?

How did you share your time, talent and energy to help someone in need–for Me?

I ask, “Who are YOU?”                                                                             My heart whispers, “Be quiet and listen, be still and know that I am your God!”

I call you forth:            to BE Peace;                    to Sing Hope,                  to Birth my LOVE with every breath you take.

If you can do this, then you will bring forth new life and Christ will reflect outward:

In your eyes,               in your speech,                in your tender ways of being–this Christmas Season,

And My Light will glow in the darkness that surrounds you!            Then we will have a “New Bethlehem,”  where there is ROOM for EVERYONE and

the Angels will sing WITH the shepherds, “Glory to God on high and peace to ALL this night, and throughout this new year!”


I add my own Christmas wishes to each of you and pray that your New Year will be blessed abundantly by our Provident God!  May our world truly know the Peace and Light of Christ  in these holy days, in these holidays and beyond so that ALL will be welcomed in our land and in our hearts!

Merry Christmas!

Barbara McMullen, CDP


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