As the Corona virus continues to spike in certain parts of our nation I have heard it said that we are living in uncertain times; that we are in crisis.  I believe on one hand that is true.  Each day we hear news about more people testing positive for Covid 19, hospitals being overrun again in ICU spaces, protective gear running thin in some states, and new states becoming epicenters or hotspots for the virus again.  There are so many unknowns and difficult decisions to be made. 

Recently the assisted living facility, where my good friend Mary lives, had a staffer who tested positive and so now the facility is in total lockdown again.  Any of the recently allowed 15 minute visits outside, six feet apart, are cancelled.  Even though they were short visits, it has helped the residents tremendously to feel re-connected to loved ones again.  Now, once more, loneliness may set in for these residents and caregiving at a distance becomes a challenge. 

However, the minute I posted this news about Mary, another friend from another state, called her and tried to cheer her up.  (Thank you Sylvia!)  It just touched my heart so much!  All around us there are things like this happening.  Ordinary people are doing good deeds; acts of kindness and love are overflowing in our world.  We just don’t always hear about them.  Whether we are calling people or writing cards to them, reaching out like that brings blessings in difficult times.

So crisis or not, there are positive things happening all around us if we but look and listen.  Maybe these uncertain times are really strengthening us, bonding us together across miles, and showing us hope even amid situations that are very dire.  For many it has certainly led to a stronger reliance on God and a depth in the capacity to cope.  Perhaps it has also led to a greater trust in the unexplainable love shown us by others and by our Provident God. 

As Providence people, a strong faith and trust gives us the courage to face these uncertain times with less anxiety and more courage and compassion.   Maybe we ARE living in uncertain times, but we Providence people live in certain times, too, knowing and trusting that a loving and protective God stands with us. 

Barbara McMullen, CDP


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