The Women of Providence in Collaboration join our voices with the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and a host of other religious organizations calling for an end to gun violence.  

As we know there are too many lives being lost to gun violence and mass shootings.  In the United States alone there have been 255 mass shootings just this year, according to the non-profit agency Gun Violence Archive (GVA).  

We join with others in asking all legislative bodies across this country to begin working together to pass laws that ban all assault weapons, require universal background checks for all sales of weapons, make trafficking in weapons a federal crime, and provide more funding for research on gun violence prevention.

As a nation isn’t it time for us to stand together and say enough is enough!  What can one person do, you might ask?   You can call your Senator and representatives in Congress.  You can write a letter opposing the violence and asking for legislation to be passed for stricter gun laws.  You can pray for an end to the rampant rage and division that have overpowered this nation, the hateful rhetoric that overwhelms us, and be responsible for monitoring your own language and actions. Join your hands with others in writing letters.  Join your voices in protest with phone calls.  Speak up and speak out as citizens of this nation so that it is a safer and less fearful place for all people. 

“Let us meet the forces of hate with the power of love…” as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once stated.  

Barbara McMullen, CDP


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