The Associates of the Sisters of Providence in Montreal, who are from Chile, share with us some of their reflections on being an associate and what inspires them.  

The Providence Associates (PA) are people from different backgrounds and their Mission covers nine countries: Canada, the United States, El Salvador, Haiti, Chile, Argentina, the Philippines, Cameroon, and Egypt. All our members around the world wish to share the Mission and the Spirituality of the Sisters of Providence. They are women and men for whom Gospel values form the main source of strength in their lives. They demonstrate this by serving the poor and offering them compassionate love. They also let God be known and loved by the example of their lives and actions.

The main events held by the different Providence Associates groups, as well as descriptions of some of their works and reflections about their Mission are published in the Providence Associates Bulletin. We would like to share an article from some of the Associates of Tocopilla, Chile, who talk about their commitment and explain why they are following in the footsteps of Blessed Emilie Tavernier Gamelin, as an example of lives committed to the Providence Mission.

 “When I joined the PA Mouvement, I was inspired by Mother Emilie Tavernier Gamelin. I learned about her life and her dedication to the poorest of the poor. We are part of the Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Parish and we, the PA, formed a club for the elderly, called ‘Providence of God’ and it is a very beautiful and joyful mission. The pandemic has not allowed us to have biweekly meetings, but to date, we have met once, according to the pandemic protocol. In any case, we are keeping each other informed by telephone and make some home visits to maintain our relationship of merciful love, as Blessed Emilie would do.” (Sonia Hun Olivares, PA)

October 3, 2021 – Renewing the Commitment

“For me, being able to renew for another year the commitment with the PA meant the strengthening of my commitment to my community, not only on a spiritual level. I was also able to strengthen bonds with people who are important in my life. After all that I have been through, I feel that my desire to move forward is getting stronger and stronger. Having had the opportunity to be with my sisters, whom I admire for their perseverance, invites me to continue on this path of faith, love, and dedication. I am very happy to have completed another year of this service that gives us the charism, humility, and simplicity of our Blessed Emilie Gamelin, Mother Bernarda Morin, and Mother Joseph of the Sacred Heart.” (Angelina Alcayaga Torrejón, PA)

“Recognizing Emilie’s presence today in daily service” “Following the example of Mother Emilie, who showed her generosity to everyone: Emilie took care of orphans with tenderness, visited prisons, and went to the bedside of the sick. The flame of Providence encouraged her to strengthen the bonds between generations, to reach out to all, and to walk the path of our Provident God. Today Jesus, Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier, calls us to do good. Let us consecrate ourselves as daughters of Mary, Mother of Sorrows, following the example of our Mother Foundress, so that she may welcome us on our Providence journey. We always draw from the virtues of Interdependence and Mercy in seeking social justice, the environment, the Table of the King, and to speak about the Gospel without forgetting to be sensitive and to appreciate cultural differences, armed with patience and tolerance.” (Norma Linares, Providence Friend)

“To serve people in need – corporally and spiritually” “Guided by the Spirituality of Blessed Mother Emilie and twenty years after her beatification, my journey has been filled with dedication and love, giving communion to the sick and delivering food and clothing to the needy. God invites me in this time of the pandemic, together with the Mother of Sorrows, to draw strength from prayer and to give love. I pray to God that Mother Emilie will soon be canonized. Amen. (Nancy Cerda, PA). “Experience in preparing and delivering lunches” “Under the protection of Emilie” in her 20 years of Beatification: As PA, we have taken responsibility for the soup kitchen. Every week, on Tuesdays, we prepare between 42 and 50 lunches for homeless people, vulnerable families, and immigrants who pass through our city, through our parish in search of a generous hand.

“In this time of the pandemic, God Providence invites us to live our commitment of love and generosity towards the neediest with our Mother of Sorrows. Recognizing in Mother Emilie, her efforts in sowing love and hope for a more solidary world.” (Patricia Oporto C., PA)

“This year, the PA community of Tocopilla has remained faithful to the formative and organizational meetings twice a month, either through the Meeting platform or in person. In addition, every Friday, we meet in the same way to pray the rosary to Our Lady of Sorrows, praying insistently for the end of the pandemic, for the sick, the deceased, and an increase of vocations for the SP Congregation. We broadcast the prayer of the rosary on Facebook.

We organized the Table of the King, bazaars for the purchase of food and clothing, food deliveries to those who come to ask. We also participate in catechetical formation, liturgical animation, and parish pastoral responsibilities … everything that God Providence asks us to help with in the mission. Trusting in her Son Jesus Christ, who nourishes us with his Word and his Body, we trust in the presence of the Mother of Sorrows, whom Blessed Emilie Gamelin always kept in her mind and her heart.” (Sister Herna Astorga, SP, liaison person)

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