I received a request from Sr. Nancy Sylvester, IHM, about this workshop that is being offered by the Institute for Communal Contemplation.  Your congregations may have received the same information, however I promised Nancy I would distribute the information here on the WPC blog.  It is a deeper “dive” into what Nancy presented to us at the last Providence Event.   Here is what you need to know about it.

Enter the Chaos: Engage the Differences to Make a Difference February 4-6, 2022. This ZOOM program goes from 11:00-5:00 EST each day for three days. 

The program weaves together the transformative power of contemplation, the contemporary understanding of evolutionary consciousness and the research of integral theory of spiral dynamics in the development of consciousness. The participants will learn skillful means and tools to engage in real situations within their institutes, parishes, families, and communities that are characterized by tension among the different stages of consciousness and seemingly opposing value systems.

Because 2022 marks the beginning of our 3rd Decade we want more people to access our programs and resources so although there is a suggested fee we will accept what someone can afford. 

Go to https://iccdinstitute.org/enter-the-chaos/ to find out more and to register. 

Perhaps some of you will be able to attend, especially since they are willing to waive a suggested fee for something you can more easily afford.

Barbara McMullen, CDP


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123, New Lenox, Chicago IL 60606

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8:00am, 9:15am, 11:00am

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