Safe Place Services of Louisville,  a day shelter for homeless young adults, is where you will find Sr. Corbin Hannah, a Sister of Providence from St. Mary-of-the-Woods, IN.  She is the youth development coordinator, offers life skills programming, and pretty much runs the shelter along with part time staff and students.  

As Sr. Corbin knows, the streets and adult homeless shelters can be dangerous places for young people.  Often they fall prey to labor and sex traffickers.  At this center she makes sure they are warmly greeted, shown around the facility and generally makes them feel safe and comfortable.  She connects them with resources, helps them get doctor appointments, food, clothing, and even works with them to complete job applications.  She is a good listener and the clients feel safe sharing their struggles with her.  It seems a ministry well suited to this young Sister of Providence.

Sister Corbin says:  “I want to be a part of a community that welcomes, embraces, loves, and provides opportunity for hope to grow….I want to help [the clients] facing barriers navigate those in their lives.  My model is Jesus. He reached out to people who were treated as outcasts in their society and created community with them.”

She finds deep meaning in bringing hope and practical support to her clients.  She becomes part of the support system these young adults need.  It is evident that they appreciate her love and care for them because they give her their trust and share their stories with her.  “I have the space in my  heart to love them,” Sister Corbin says.  Being united in prayer and grounded in the community of the Sisters of Providence gives her strength and freedom to do this most needed ministry.  

“I carry hope for them when they can’t, Corbin says.  “I show them possibilities and options and I offer them care and support.”  

What a wonderful witness to love and HOPE she is!

(Excerpted with permission from HOPE, Vol. 14, No. 3, Summer 2019)

Written by Amy Miranda, Marketing Manager/Publications Manager for the Sisters of Providence.  For the full article visit HOPE online:

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