Soul Stretching: The Inner Landscape of an Ordinary Life (available at

Available from Amazon, Soul Stretching by Barbara McMullen, CDP (2012). 

Have you ever been to the circus and seen the trapeze artists? There has to be such a sense of trust between the one flying through the air and the one catching them. Is that not who our God is for us, the Eternal Catcher? God is there, waiting for us to let go, to trust that we will be caught.

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Maybe we are not flying on a trapeze, but perhaps we are on a spiritual journey that is taking us to new places, new understandings, new horizons. We might be invited to move out of our comfort zones or, perhaps, enter into a new reality beyond our imagining. I believe we have these sorts of tug-of-war times in our lives when deeper trust is being asked of us, and we take that leap of faith … we let go … and what a ride it is! © 2012 Barbara McMullen, CDP.

Sister Barbara McMullen is a Sister of Divine Providence, Marie de la Roche Province. Currently she is the executive director of the Women of Providence in Collaboration, a national organization of Providence communities across the United States and Canada. She grew up in the small town of Madison, Illinois, and resides today in nearby Granite City. She enjoys teaching, reading, and conducting retreats. This book has been a labor of love for her.

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