I share with Providence women all over the world this excerpt that came from the Sisters of Providence Generalate, written by Sr. Hortense Demia-Mbaïlaou, SP.   I thank her for sharing it.

We gather in communion of heart, prayer and thanksgiving on this International Women’s Day, where women from around the world unite their thoughts, prayers, hopes, dreams and struggles. Today, we have many reasons to celebrate the women in our lives. Their achievements in education, business, science, arts, medicine, public service, consecrated life, married life and all other fields that have fortified our world and made it a better place.

Unfortunately, however, many women continue to suffer domestic violence, especially at a time when the pandemic has worsened this already very difficult situation. Confined with their husbands or partners at home and cut off from their family, friends and professional circle, they have seen the violence intensify and become more frequent. Women’s safety is priceless.  Therefore our thoughts go out especially to all the women who have been murdered by their partners or ex-partners, especially during this pandemic.

Our thoughts also go out to all the Sisters of Providence, consecrated women who have been pillars of our Congregations, who have worked tirelessly to bring about countless changes in the life of the Congregation and in the lives of the poor wherever Providence has sent them on Mission. On this International Women’s Day, we want to pay tribute to our elders and to all the proud and courageous women of the past who fought for important changes in society; to those of today who continue to inspire us by helping to make our world a better place; and to those of tomorrow who will be bearers of vision and who will accomplish great deeds. 

Happy Women’s Day to all of us, united in Providence!

We especially remember our brave women foundresses:

Blessed Emilie Gamelin                                         Saint Mother Theodore Guerin,

Marie de la Roche,                                                  Mother Mary of Providence Horan,     

Louise de Marillac,                                                  Blessed Mother Mary Elizabeth Lange,

Sister Mary Benitia Vermeersch

All of our Congregational leaders of today who carry on this legacy and invite us to follow.  

Barbara McMullen, CDP




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