Over the weekend we had another shooting at a Jewish temple and several people were killed while others were injured.   While that horrible shooting was taking place, my own community of Sisters and Associates were writing letters to our senators and representatives in Congress about gun violence.  As we were gathered for this justice action and prayer, a person armed with an AR-15 was shooting people as they gathered to worship and complete their Passover time.  Each time it happens, we think, when will it ever stop?  

This morning I read something on the “Nine Ways We Can Work for Peace” that had some great ideas in it that I want to share.  I tried to find the author, but could not.  Even after a “Google Search” I turned up nothing.  So I cannot give credit, but I do think it is worth a share in this post.

  1.  Convince ourselves that peace is possible.  (It’s hard to work for something you don’t believe in)
  2. Have faith in the human spirit.  (God gave us the capacity to live together in peace.) 
  3. Study the causes of violence.  (War is only one way humans oppress each other.)
  4. Strive for love and unity in our families.  (The family is the building block of civilization.)
  5. Try to think of people from other countries as members of our extended family.  (It is hard to be willing to let our cousins die.)
  6. Look for the similarities between religions.  (Every major religion teaches the Golden Rule and promises an age of peace, so why argue.)
  7. Listen carefully to the voice of women.  (It is feminine qualities of compassion, mercy, and empathy which will make peace possible.)
  8. Make friends with someone from a different race.  (Much of the world’s violence is caused by racial and ethnic misunderstanding.)
  9. Work to improve the quality of education.  (The more we learn, the more we realize how much we have in common.)

Each of us is like the stained glass in this image.  Each of the colors adds to the beauty of the “window.”  We can choose to let the light of truth and justice shine through us for the good of all.  If you cannot do all nine of these paths to peace, choose one and do it…now…for the sake of the whole, for the soul of our nation.


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